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        Through years of efforts, DWL create an experienced, good at business team to solve the trouble, and the carrier, the partners, the customs authorities maintained good relations of mutual trust, nuclear power, iron and steel, automobile, electronics and other kinds of enterprises, reconstruction projects, special equipment, large equipment, and frozen goods, goods and other international and domestic door-to-door logistics services. The company keeps its promise in good faith and operates in compliance. Relying on the professional customs clearance team, the company solves the urgent and special problems of customs clearance for customers and guarantees the production needs of the factory.

        DWL sets up branches in Beijing and Shenyang, and cooperated with AEO agents in Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and other places. The company has a number of vans, signed a number of collection card, bulk cargo, dangerous goods, cold chain, air cushion, special vehicle transport fleet, to provide no delay, safe, fast service; Dalian to Guangdong, Dalian to Shanghai door - to - door special line transport services.




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